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Interesting US History
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November 2, 1783

The Continental Army is Dissolved

On this day in 1783, two months after the signing of the "Treaty of Paris" and with plans for a transition to a peacetime force under way, Washington released his Farewell Order to the Philadelphia newspapers for nationwide distribution. In the Farewell Order, he thanked the officers and men of the Continental Army, praised them for their unparalleled perseverance and urged them to continue this devotion into civilian life.

Almost two months later, on December 23, 1783, in an address to the Continental Congress, Washington resigned his commission as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Washington had spent eight years as Commander in Chief and finally he was returning to private life at Mount Vernon.

The United States would be governed by the Articles of Confederation without a president until 1789 when Washington was elected as our first President with a unanimous vote by the Electoral College. It remains the one and only time a president has received 100% of the electoral votes.

November 2, 2000

International Space Station Becomes Permanently Staffed

On this day in 2000, the International Space Station was permanently staffed. Construction on the (ISS) began in 1998 and is scheduled for completion in 2010.

It was begun as a joint venture between the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, and eleven European countries. Brazil and Italy also participated on another level. When completed, it will have a mass in excess of 400 Tons and will have a pressurized volume of approximately 1,000 cubic meters.