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November 3, 1948

Chicago Tribune Reports: "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN"

In what was arguably the most embarrassing newspaper faux pas's in newspaper history, the Chicago Tribune, trying to get a jump on things, decided to begin typesetting the newspaper for the following day with the assumption that the Dewey would win the election of 1948 against Harry S. Truman.

The following day, still believing the outcome was a sure thing, they began to distribute the papers for delivery to the public. By the time they realized their error it was too late. A number of papers had ended up in the hands of customers and could not be retrieved. Some of those papers are still in the hands of collectors and have been known to sell for more than $2,000 at auctions.

November 3, 1926

Annie Oakley Dies

On this day in 1926, Annie Oakley died.  Annie Oakley (born Phoebe Ann Mosey) was a talented American sharpshooter who became famous for her staring role in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in the late 1800's.