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June 10, 1805

The First Barbary War Ends

On this day in 1805, a peace treaty was signed ending the first of two wars between the United States and a collection of North African Berber Muslim states known as the Barbary States. The war began as a result of repeated attacks on American merchant ships. In 1801, Congress passed legislation providing for six frigates to be used in the event of war between the U.S. and the Barbary States.

In 1803, the newly formed U.S. Navy began patroling the region until one of the Barbary Sates, Tripoli was able to capture the USS Philadelphia after it ran aground. In 1804, the U.S. Navy began fighting a series of battles and along with the U.S. Marines, captured the Tripolitan city of Dema. This was the first time a United States flag was raised in victory outside the United States and was the inspiration for the line in the Marine's Hymn "the shores of Tripoli". This military success forced Tripoli to negotiate a treaty.