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July 27, 1663

The Second Navigation Act is Passed

On this day in 1663, the English Parliament passed the Second Navigation Act. This Act required that all goods bound for the American colonies to be sent from Engliosh ports on English ships. If the goods originated from other countries, they had to pass through England. The goods would be unloaded and inspected, then duties would be collected before the goods could be reloaded and sent on their way. The purpose of the Act was to protect the English shipping industry.

Also included in the Act was a provision that allowed the colonies lower tarrifs and a monpoly of the English market for certain colonial commodities. Although the American colonists were willing to accept these regulations because of the trade-off, later Acts passed by the Parliment, like the Molasses Act of 1733, weren't as accepted which began the resentment by the colonies towards the British government.