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July 28, 1609

An English Ship, Heading for Virginia
with Supplies, Runs Aground in Bermuda

On this day in 1609, after four days of battling a severe storm (probably a hurricane) and taking on water faster than they could bail, the crew of the English ship "Sea Venture" spotted land. In order to save his crew and passengers, Captain Newport sailed the ship towards the island. Unable to anchor, he wedged the ship between two large rocks allowing 150 crew and passengers and one dog to make it safely to the shores of Bermuda.

The island was uninhabited by humans at the time but there were plenty of plants and animals, including wild hogs, that afforded the unintended settlers an opportunity to eat. For the next nine months, the group salvaged all they could from the Sea Venture and, along with material found on the island, constructed two smaller ships. The new ships, The Patience and the Deliverance would allow them to complete their journey to Jamestown, Virginia.

July 28, 1864

Confederates Attempt to Re-take Atlanta
for the Third Time

On this day in 1864, Confederate forces under the command of Gen. John B. Hood make a third attempt to re-take Atlanta since it was captured by Union forces lead by William T. Sherman.