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November 28, 1934

Bank Robber George "Baby Face" Nelson
is Killed by FBI Agents

On this day in 1934, FBI agents killed Baby Face Nelson after a running machine gun battle near Barrington, IL outside of Chicago. Nelson was born Lester Gillis on December 6, 1908. At the age of 13 he was first arrested for theft and sent to penal school, then several years later he spent some time with the notorious gang leader Al Capone.

In 1931 Nelson was arrested and sentenced to one year to life in state prison but escaped in 1932 by overpowering a guard while being transported. Two years later he joined the Dillinger gang. After Dillinger's death in 1934, Nelson became Public Enemy Number One.

During his career, Nelson was credited with killing more than a dozen law officers. His nickname "Baby Face" was due to his youthful appearance and diminutive stature (5'3" tall).