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June 30, 1794

Shawnee Chief Weyapiersenwah Leads Attack on Fort Recovery

On this day in 1794, Shawnee Chief Weyapiersenwah (aka Blue Jacket), led an attack on the American fort, Fort Recovery, which was located in present day Fort Recovery, Ohio. Also fighting along with Chief Blue Jacket was was a young Tecumseh who would also become a well known American Indian warrior.

Construction of the fort had begun in late 1793 and was completed in March of 1794. Its location was chosen by General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, it is said, because it was where Arthur St. Clair had been defeated by Native American tribes in 1791. That battle was called St. Clair's Defeat and was an embarrassment to the United States. In choosing that location for the fort, Wayne hoped to ease the sting of that loss.

The attack on the fort began on a supply column that had left the fort. The soldiers were chased back to the safety of the fort but thirty-two men were killed and more injured. The next day, the Native American forces attacked again but were unsuccessful in taking the fort. A monument, dedicated in 1913 now stands on the site along with a replica of the fort and Fort Recovery State museum.