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Interesting US History
A Website Devoted to Interesting Events in U.S. History




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Thank you for visiting the Interesting U.S. History web site.  This web site features interesting events in United States History.  Some of the stories you see here are little known facts that you didn't learn in school.  Others are things you learned in school that are just plain wrong.  For example, do you know who the first President of the United States was?  If you think it was George Washington, you might want to read this. Do you know who designed the first american flag?  Not who you think.  Check out the Interesting History Myths section if you want to know the truth about the history of the United States.

I'm sure you've heard about the Mayflower.  You probably have NOT heard what it has in common with beer and how that relationship may have changed the course of history.  You will find that story along with many others in the Interesting History Facts section.  Hopefully you will find this web site interesting, entertaining and enlightening and it will give you a new appreciation for the history of the United States.

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