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Woodrow Wilson

28th President (1913-1921)

Born: December 28, 1856
Died: February 3, 1924

Vice President: Thomas Marshall

Political Party: Democratic

Next President: Warren Harding

Previous President: William H. Taft

Notable Woodrow Wilson Quotes

"What we seek is the reign of law, based upon the consent of the governed and sustained by the organized opinion of mankind."

"There are blessed intervals when I forget by one means or another that I am President of the United States."

"The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people."

The Only President to...

Woodrow Wilson is the only United States President to have a Ph. D.

He is also the only U.S. President to be buried in Washington DC. He is buried in Washington National Cathedral.

Interesting Woodrow Wilson Facts

Woodrow Wilson was the last United States President to be alive during the American Civil War.