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Horrors of the American Civil War

After Bull Run in 1861, a reporter surveying the aftermath witnessed some of the horrors of war which included men who were found side by side, each with their bayonets in the other.

In two days at the Battle of Shiloh, more men died than all previous American wars combined.

At Cold Harbour, in one 20 minute span, 7,000 men died.

The Confederate Constitution

The Confederate constitution was very similar to the United States constitution but it did explicitly protect slavery and focused more on states rights.  Interestingly enough, one other difference is that it did outlaw international slave trading.

What Goes Around

In July of 1863, during the American Civil War, Union Brig. Gen. Edward H. Hobson captured Confederate Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan and took him to the Ohio State Prison. Morgan escaped from prison and less than a year later, he and his men captured a group of Federal troops in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Their commander was Edward H. Hobson.

Full Circle

In July of 1861, Wilmer McClean was a retired wholesale grocer living near a little town called Bull Run in Virginia.  That month, as the Union Army marched towards the Confederate capital, Richmond, they found themselves nose-to-nose with Confederate troops in nearby Mannassas leading to the first major battle of the Civil War.  Due to its convenient location, Wilmer McLean's house became the headquarters of the Confederate army.  After the battle was over, McLean decided it might be best for his business (and his family) if he were to move further away from the Union lines so he packed up and moved about 120 miles Southwest.

Four years later as Lee's exausted and starving army fled West through Virginia, Grant's army caught up to them and proposed a meeting to discuss possible terms of surrender.  Lee accepted and chose the spot for the meeting.... in a small town called Appomatox Courthouse... at the new home of Wilmer McClean.  It has been been said that McLean would tell people "the war began in my front yard and ended in my front parlor". 

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