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Grover Cleveland

22nd President (1885-1889)
24th President (1893-1897)

Born: March 18, 1837
Died: June 24, 1908

Vice President: Thomas Hendricks

Political Party: Democratic

Next President: Benjamin Harrison

Previous President:  Chester Arthur

Notable Grover Cleveland Quotes

"A government for the people must depend for its success on the intelligence, the morality, the justice, and the interest of the people themselves."

"Communism is a hateful thing, and a menace to peace and organized government."

"Sometimes I wake at night in the White House and rub my eyes and wonder if it is not all a dream."

The Only President to...

Grover Cleveland was a bachelor when he was elected but then married 21-year-old Frances Folsom during his first year in office. He was the only President married in the White House.

He is also the only U.S. president to be elected to two non-consecutive terms.

Interesting Grover Cleveland Facts

Leaving the White House in 1889, his wife Frances told the staff to take care of the furniture because they would be back. She was right. He was elected and served again as our 24th president in 1893.


Grover Cleveland was the first Democrat to be elected after the Civil War.


Maybe the most interesting fact about Grover Cleveland is one of his former jobs. As Sherrif in Erie County, New York in the early 1870's, Cleveland was responsible for executions and on more than one occasion, took on the role of executioner himself.