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Interesting US History
A Website Devoted to Interesting Events in U.S. History





Artifaqs - Artifaqs aims to bring your history classroom alive in a way which is both fun and academically rigorous. Ian Dawson of thinking history had this to say: "I've lost count of the number of teachers who've asked where they can get a crown or other artefacts that will sharpen students' concentration and enthusiasm. Therefore Cate Aspinall's Artifaqs is a great idea and all the better for being the work of an experienced teacher with a strong sense of what will help students learn more effectively.

WWII Letters - Actual Letters Written During WWII. During Training, During Combat, and on the Home Front. Many Photos, and Other Information, with content added weekly.

The Campaign Season - Analysis (sometimes a little tongue in cheek) of interesting events in American political history.

Killer History - An entertaining look at the past

It's Your History - History articles relating to Aviation History, Military History, Naval History, Soccer History, Rugby History, Cricket History, Theatre History, Portsmouth History, Genealogy, and downloadable cd-rom's.

Hero Letters - Site has actual letters written during war, along with photos and other items.

World History Compass - A comprehensive collection of links on various history topics

Biography - Biography of famous people.

Interesting.Com - Learning can be fun if you follow your interests. Interesting.com is a portal for history, hobbies, sports, art, and more.

Computer History Articles and Photo Gallery - Find articles and photos about the history of the computer.

American Era History - Historical topics of the american era, including world historyin a unique presentation. Heroes, like lewis and clark, and john c. Fremont, and abraham lincoln. Events, like the civil war, or building of the panama canal, or the sinking of the titanic.

Refrigerator Magnets Fun - Hundreds of unique refrigerator magnets with an emphasis on history, collectibles and pets.

Absolutely Prehistoric - Ancient fossils stir our imaginations and we can see a world with giant monsters roaming the land, the oceans and the skies of a primitive earth. Prehistoric themed gifts, news, information, adventure travel, dinosaur museums, animations and more.

History & Holidays All Year Long - Welcome to Spencer County where you can celebrate History and Holidays all year long! Spencer County is Abraham Lincoln's Boyhood Home and throughout 2009 we will host a series of special events to commemorate the 200th birthday of our nation's 16th president.

Cross Faith Ministry - Biblical history, scriptural literature, in-depth bible studies, sermons, live prayer, christian poetry, jesus slide show, bible characters slide show plus free pc bible.

Histor eSearch - Histor eSearch was created for students, history teachers and history buffs. We now features links to K-12 history lesson plans and activities.

Kidsites Approved Sites - The leading guide to the best in kids' web sites (history page)

Genealogy On The Internet - Search for your family links @ www. Genealogyontheinternet,com,family, search,genealogy,databases,17,000 links to cemeteries,links to databases 800k names, census, censuses, passenger lists, free searchable databases-royals-famous-historic-your family

Genealogy Database - This domain was created several years ago,to assist genealogy web searchers find sites and data related to uk people,families and events throughout the centuries. This has been achieved as it is always receiving regular unique hits. Google rank 4

Birth Records - U.S.A. Official Birth records provider for the first time on the internet!

Marriage Record - The BEST place to start instant Marriage Records Search

Death Records Obituary Records - The Largest Social Security Death Records and Obituary Records Provider.

Military Records - A vast Military Records database First time at your fingertips.

Land Record Online - The best and most trusted USA Official Land Record provider.

Q150 Brisbane History Pictorial And Narratives - Statehood To Federation - Q150 brisbane history is a history of brisbane queensland australia from the statehood to federation. Contains panoramas of early brisbane as well stories of prominent people, reminiscences, newspaper articles, districts, buildings, infrastructure