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Rutherford B. Hayes

19th President (1877-1881)

Born: October 4, 1822
Died: January 17, 1891

Vice President: William Wheeler

Political Party: Republican

Next President: James Garfield

Previous President: Ulysses S. Grant

Notable Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes

"I am less disposed to think of a West Point education as requisite for this business than I was at first. Good sense and energy are the qualities required."

"The President of the United States should strive to be always mindful of the fact that he serves his party best who serves his country best."

"Wars will remain while human nature remains. I believe in my soul in cooperation, in arbitration; but the soldier's occupation we cannot say is gone until human nature is gone."

The Only President to...

Hayes was the only president whose election was decided by a congressional commission after the highly disputed election of 1876 where he lost the popular vote.

Interesting Rutherford B. Hayes Facts

The election of 1876 was not decided until The Compromise of 1877 which was an informal deal in which Southern Democrats agreed to aknowledge Hayes as President if the Republicans agreed to various demands including the removal of all Federal troops from the the remaining former Confederate States.

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