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February 1, 1960

Four African-American Students Stage the
First Sit-in in Greensboro, North Carolina

On this day in 1960, four African-American students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University sat at a segregated lunch counter at the Greensboro, North Carolina, Woolworth's store.

At the time, the lunch counter only had stools for whites. Blacks had to stand to eat. The four students were Ezell A. Blair, Jr., David Richmond, Joseph McNeil, and Franklin McCain. They were not served but were allowed to stay.

Each day their numbers increased and the movement spread to 15 cities in 9 states eventually spreading to other public facilites such as swimming pools, libraries, transportation facilities, art galleries, beaches, museums, and parks.

Finally in 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 made segregation in public accommodations illegal.