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November 5, 1895

American Inventor George B. Selden Patents
the Gasoline-Powered Automobile

On this day in 1895, George B. Selden, became the first person to be granted a patent for a gasoline-powered automobile. Born in Clarkson, New York on September 14, 1846, Selden was inspired by the internal combustion engine which was invented by George Brayton in 1876. Selden believe that was what he needed to power a car but it was too large and too heavy.

In 1878, Selden modified the internal combustion engine design to create a one cylinder 400 pound version and in 1905, he founded the Selden Motor Vehicle Company. His new company began producing cars in 1909.

After defending his patent in court for eight years, Selden finally changed the focus of his company to trucks, and renamed the company Selden Truck Sales Corporation which existed under that name until 1930 when it was purchased by Bethlehem Truck Company.