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Interesting US History
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August 9, 1974

Richard M. Nixon Resigns and Gerald Ford Becomes
the 38th President of the United States

On this day in 1974, facing increasing revelations about the Watergate Scandal and almost certain impeachment, the 37th President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon resigned. He was succeeded by then Vice President Gerald Ford.

Since Gerald Ford had taken over as Vice President when Spiro Agnew resigned the previous year, he became the first President to hold the office without having gone through the election process.

August 9, 1892

Thomas Edison Receives Patent for Two-Way Telegraph

On this day in 1892, Thomas Edison received the patent for the two-way telegraph. Although most people are familiar with Edison's work on electric lighting and maybe even the Phonograph, the fact is, he files for over 1,500 different patents between the years of 1868 and 1930. Of those, 1,093 of them were successful.