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June 9, 1934

Donald Duck Makes His Debut in The Wise Little Hen

On this day in 1934, the cartoon The Wise Little Hen was released by Walt Disney as part of the Silly Symphonies series and was based on the fairy tale, The Little Red Hen. It marked the debut of what would turn out to be one of Disney's most popular characters, Donald Duck.  He has appeared in more films than Mickey Mouse and is the fiffth most published comic book character in the world (after Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine).

In the Wise Little Hen, Donald Duck and his friend Peter Pig avoid helping Mrs. Hen plant corn by faking stomach aches.  When Mrs. Hen realizes what Donald and Peter are doing, she turns the tables on them.  When harvest time comes she visits and gives the impression she is looking for help again and of course Donald and Peter instantly have stomach aches.  But in fact, Mrs. Hen has prepared a variety of delicious corn dishes.  When Donald and Peter are suddenly "cured" of their stomach aches, Mrs. Hen gives them only castor oil and eats all the corn herself.