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Interesting US History
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July 12, 1917

The Bisbee Deportation Occurs

On this day in 1917, over 2,000 armed vigilantes illegally rounded up about 1,300 striking mine workers along with their supporters and other innocent bystanders. The group was then transported through the desert in cattle cars without food and water to Hermanas, New Mexico. The vigilantes and been deputized as a posse the day before by Sheriff Wheeler on behalf of Phelps Dodge which owned the Copper Queen Mining Company. This has been recognized as the larges posse ever formed.

July 12, 1812

The United States Invades Canada

On this day in 1812, The United States invaded Canada near Windsor, Ontario during the War of 1812. Although the fight was between the United States and Great Britain, the majority of those fighting on the British side were Canadian militia. Also, capturing Upper and Lower Canada would cut off British troop movement up the St. Lawrence River into the Great Lakes.